Samuel Beckett "Not I"


A new direction of an extraordinary piece of Beckett's late plays, in which the "mouth" that emerges in the darkness  endlessly continues to tell the story of someone called "she." The significant feature of his new direction is Kimura's original image projection technique called "Boxless Camera Obscura" to fulfill the unique theater space "only the mouth emerges in the darkness" specified by Beckett. Unlike the conventional "camera obscura", an object and its projected image through the lens exist in the same space with no separation, which intuitively reveals the most primitive structure of image expression. The space in which the real entity, that is the object, and the beautiful and detailed virtual image, projected by the pure optical phenomenon, are put side by side makes the spectators experience the mysterious nature of the image. They create a strange ensemble in a quite minimalistic approach. In this situation, the body of the actor/ess and the mouth, the representation of the mouth and the mouth as a vocal organ, the "she" spoken and the mouth to speak, the subject and the object, and the human being and things, all boundaries were quietly and violently subverted.

Premiere:  2016,  at Atelier GEKKEN (Kyoto, JAPAN),  Supported by atelier GEKKEN
Tour: 2019, SCOOL (Tokyo, Japan) and Lumen gallery (Kyoto, JAPAN)
Duration: 50min

Playwright: Samuel Beckett Translation and Direction: Yusuke Kimura
Performance: Ayari Ito, Tomo Kohjima (2019), Mika Masuda, Keiji Mitamura
Stage Manager: Tomo Wakita (Spika / 2019)  Assistant Administrator: Chiaki Kirisawa
Performance Permission  acquisition agency: Bureau des Copyrights Français
Grant: Zenkoku Zeirishi Kyoeikai Bunka Zaidan(2019)
Production: Yusuke Kimura