double fact


"We are the dead."
"We're not dead yet."
"Not physically. But that is the same. Death and life are the same thing."
"... Hey you, don't you like my bosom?"

The body, which contains various dualities, and life itself.

Quoting from George Orwell's "1984", in which the protagonists question whether or not we can say we are alive, this piece depicts, with a unique sense of humor, the figure of people who remain unconvinced of the reality of life, yet continues to live, and the nature of their body.
On stage, a dancer's body is projected onto photographs and a video, which are juxtaposed with the real body. In the strange tension between the real body and the body represented in the video and photographs, each begins to assert its own existence.

2010 (Premiere), Yokohama ST Spot (Yokohama)
Duration: 30min
Concept, Choreography, and Direction: Yusuke Kimura
Performance: Moe Matsuki, Kazuki Yoshimoto, Yusuke Kimura
Photography: Kazuki Yoshimoto
Text: "1984" by George Orwell
Participated in "N.N.N."

Production: NPO Yokohama ST Spot
Supervisor: KENTARO!!
Co-sponsored: Yokohama City
Grant: Asahi Beer Arts Foundation
Special Cooperation: Steep Slope Studio
Cooperation: Crackers boat, CAN,Inc.