A media performance piece by live recording videos and a live body.
The live body is sampled in real time by a camera installed on the stage and split and multiplied in the video, transforming the body that should be here and now into an uncertain and uncanny existence. While the one-time nature of the movement of the body on stage is contrasted with the repetitiveness of the body in the video, a perversion is induced in which the body in the video begins to create a "dance" prior to the body in reality that should have existed first.
Although this piece is inspired by "Double", which was produced in 2001 by a collaboration between Setuko Yamada, a choreographer and dancer, and Takashi Ito, an experimental filmmaker, all shooting and projection in Kimura's performance are live, and automatically controlled by his programming system. By doing everything by himself, he presented the process of deconstructing his own body on stage and creating a new radical relationship between body and self.

2011 (Premiere),  IAMAS Media Lab (Gifu, JAPAN)
2014 , FFT Düsseldorf Kammerspiele (Düsseldorf, GERMANY)
Duration: 15min

Programming Software: Max
Concept, Direction, Multimedia Design, and Performance: Yusuke Kimura