I saw a shadow in the dark


A media performance piece that captures the wide range historical perspective from the past to the present of visual media, with reference to the experimental films in the 1960s and 1970s, especially works called Structural / Materialist Film and Expanded Cinema, and various attempts in pre-cinema history.
This piece progress while weaving memories of the performers about film and the story of someone telling the disappearance of his/her shadow. By examining the changes in the perceptions and sensitivities to one's own body and the reality in the media environment today, I reconstructed the unique philosophy and sensibility derived from visual media into the context of performing arts. It also reminded the audience of the primitive surprise and joy that the screening act created a fictional time and space.

Premiere: 2014 ,  Uferstudios (Berlin, GERMANY)
Duration: 60min
Concept, Direction and Multimedia Design: Yusuke Kimura
Performance: Tomoko Inoue, Yusuke Kimura
Lighting Operation: Hikaru Suzuki  Sound and Video Operation: Noriko Shinjo  Programming Assistant: Aki Naito
Menter: Mark Coniglio, Maroan el Sani and Siegmar Zacharias
Supervisor: Sophia New
Special Thanks / Nina Fischer, Yumiko Maeda
Production: HZT Berlin